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Problems With Others? Maybe it’s YOU!

Problems With Others? Maybe it’s YOU!

One of my hobbies is running my Australian Shepard, Levi, in agility competitions. 

When people see us run, their first comment is almost always –

“I love how your dog knows where to go. How did you teach him to follow the numbers on the course?”

I always smile.

No. Levi does not follow numbers. He relies on me, his Handler, to tell him where to go. He will go off course and be eliminated if I don’t communicate my intention.

In the agility world, we say, “Every dog has a Handler problem.” 

I’ve noticed the same thing in the human world.

If you think you are being tripped up by someone else, double-check to see if they have a Handler problem.

Know what you want and where you want to go, and effectively communicate your goals. You will be amazed at how almost everybody will follow the numbers.

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