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Power of Stop, Think, Think Again

With everything happening in the world, it isn’t easy to make good decisions. Being a former fat guy living in a relatively thin body, I learned a life lesson I still use daily that helps.

As a kid, going out to eat was a special occasion. One weekend, my parents introduced me to the concept of an all-you-can-eat Steak House! From that day forward, I knew I would live in my Husky pants until I found a solution. Years later, I did.

In the beginning, I adopted a philosophy of choosing food that said, “Stop. Think. Order.” If that doesn’t work, I employ my advanced version, “Stop. Think. Think again. Order.”

Years later, I streamlined my thinking to “Stop. Think. Think again. Act.” I also began to apply it to everything I do.

One day, I mentioned my new-found thinking to my Mom. She said, “That’s like listening before speaking and thinking before acting. Hmm… that sure sounds like something I may have said to you before.”

I’ll never admit it.

Stop. Think. Think Again. Act. 

Today is going to be awesome.