Planning Your Life Like a Business

For most of the last two decades, I’ve made my living my passion – a dream most people have. That doesn’t mean it’s been easy, but it does mean that I’ve learned a few things about how to create what you want.

Let me begin by saying that most folks have difficulty breaking free from past limiting beliefs and creativity, creating a compelling future. I believe that happens because all of us are thrust into being “common folks” who must fit into society. Abe Lincoln may have said—

“God must have loved the common people, for he made so many of them.” He was wrong. There is no “common man”—no standardized, common pattern. He would have been nearer the truth had he said, “God must have loved uncommon.”

If uncommon is your normal state, how do you create a different life from anybody else?

While there are many behavioral subcategories and skill sets that allow us to achieve our dreams, it all begins with deciding to script your success — just like we do in business.

Now, if you’re not in business, hang in there for a minute while I explain a simple strategy that can change your life.

A business person will succeed or fail based on their ability to do business with a certain customer, with a certain product in a certain way. Certain meaning “free from doubt or reservation, confident, and sure. In other words,

1) They choose the perfect avatar for their perfect customer.

2) They select the perfect product and solution that would solve their customers’ problems.

3) They fulfill their promise to their customer via a product, service, or plan.

Just for grins and giggles, what if you did the same for your life?

1) Dig deep inside yourself and script the perfect avatar that reflects the real and future you?

2) What if you took the time to determine the exact solution that would create the life of your dreams?

3) What if you scripted a series of beliefs and actions that would lead you to your perfect life?

Frankly, if you held yourself to the same return on investment standard as a business, your life would change instantly. That’s what happens to a business when customers realize they must have the solution they offer.  Sales explode! The same thing will happen to you.

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