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Passion Gets in The Way of Money

My friend sent a note on a subject that profoundly resonates with me. 

He asked me, “What’s more important, passion or money?”

Ask any person who knows me, and they will tell you that I am all about doing what makes my heart sing – PASSION! 

After all, you know what they say —

“Do what you love, and the money will follow!”

I bet you’ve heard that most of your life. I will also bet that you have personal experience that would suggest otherwise, and there are millions of starving artists, writers, actors, and other creative types that would agree with your observations. 

That list should also include stay home moms and dads, school teachers, police officers, and many more. 

I believe there is no happier life than living a passionate life.

I also believe that everybody has different monetary requirements that make them happy.

And, I know that, while our quest to live with passion may be why we live a prosperous life, it’s also what gets in the way of that life.

If you desire to do what makes your heart sing and live a happy and prosperous life, there are two things to remember:

1) Focusing entirely on your passion at the expense of other and more routine aspects of life eventually stops you from living your passion. Life will get in the way.

2) Focusing exclusively on money and other routine aspects of life will force you to postpone doing what you are passionate about – possibility forever.

I know many will disagree with this statement, but my experience and ScottLOGIC has taught me something —

Life is long, and it is impossible to focus on ONE thing without covering everything else. It may work short-term, but acting that way is a recipe for disaster and frustration.

The solution comes down to a simple equation—

Passion + Realty + Discipline = Everything you want!

Like it or not, when you obsess and demand that you do what you love, accept the reality and costs of real life, and discipline yourself to strike a balance, you will get everything you want in life.