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Opening New Doors Fuel Your Dreams

One of my favorite questions is, “What CAN I Do?” 

No matter how challenging a situation. 

Answering that question always reveals a clear path.

As they navigate our new world, I hear my clients ask me that question, too. 

My answer usually goes something like this –

“Can you do it? When you open a new door, you will find a new opportunity. Start opening more doors.”

Feeling empowered in a world that is draining your energy is like Tesla on a cross-country trip without charging stations is difficult. To ensure you are never running low, remember that dreams, possibilities, potential, and a feeling of certainty are all powered by new opportunities.

When you open a new door, an opportunity reveals itself. Your challenges will fade as you focus on the new way. But you must be willing to open a new door to find it.

The key to thriving in uncertain times is finding opportunities behind new doors. All you have to do is open the door. 

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