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One Question When You Are Stuck

Are you feeling stuck? Ask yourself, WHAT CAN I DO? The honest answer will pop into your head. Then – stand up, take a step, REPEAT!

One Question When You Are Stuck

I have a favorite question;” What Can I Do?”

I ask it when I’m unsure about the following action. It always delivers. 

Getting what you want in life sometimes includes random and vague goal setting – something that is not likely to help you make progress. What you need is to be targeted and specific. 

But what do you do when targeted and specific isn’t coming to mind?

Ask yourself –

“What Can I Do?”

Sometimes the answer is not what you want to hear. Then again, when you are stopped in your tracks – it can’t hurt.

What’s next?

Stand up, take a step, and REPEAT!

You’ll find your way.