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Never Miss a Good Opportunity

Getting what you want always comes down to knowing what it is, deciding to go after it, and not stopping until you get it. 

But what happens when you need somebody’s help to get it, and they won’t step up?

I’ll never forget that warm September day I decided to get a membership at a new gym. They had been in pre-sale for months, and I had finally decided to drag myself off the sofa and grab a pre-opening special before it was gone.

When I walked through the door, it was a beehive of activity. People everywhere packing up equipment. They were moving to a new location across the street. At that moment, I thought I missed my chance, but I stepped up to the counter anyway,

“Can I get signed up?”

The young girl behind the counter said something that blew my mind.

“I can’t help you. The computer is unplugged. Besides, you’ve had a couple of months. You’re kind of late.”

Let me get this straight. 

This business, whose only reason for existence is to get members, can’t because their computer is unplugged, and it’s my fault?

I was picking my jaw off the floor when the owner saw what was happening. He stopped what he was doing, grabbed a contract, and said,

“Of course we can. We’ll do it the old-fashioned way and enter it into the computer tomorrow. You can pay when you come to work out.”

With that, I walked out with my new membership. I started working out the next day, and the actions of that day changed my life.


I had been working out for a few months, and the owner noticed my results. Knowing I had a martial arts background, he asked if I would teach a few kickboxing classes. I agreed, and Motivation To Move was born a few months later. Nothing has ever been the same.

I learned a valuable lesson about business and life that day.

Once you decide what you want, whether running a business or on a treadmill, never miss out on an opportunity to get what you want. Even if the computer is unplugged.

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