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Motivation to Always Reach Your Goals

You’ve heard if you want success, you must go after your goals with consistency and dedication. You must want it for yourself—more than anybody wants it for you.

YOU are the engine that drives your dreams.

Others will help, but in the end, your actions are the only thing that will lead to the reward.

I remember when my kids got older. I had a talent for manifesting what I wanted in life, and my Son asked, “Dad, how do you always seem to create what you want?”

I said, “YOU must decide that you want it before you can get it. You are the engine that drives your dreams.”

I laughed when he said, “Is that telling me to make my bed when I was a kid?”

One more thing.

Some people think when they reach their goals, they can take a break. Not so. Permanent success does not come from temporary actions.

Your real reward will be all the new opportunities in your life. Everybody loves a winner.

YOU are the engine that drives your dreams. Always remember that.

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