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Mission-Focused Influence

How are you going to influence the world today?

What do you think about starting with yourself?

Getting what you want in life begins when you know what you want and believe that you can accomplish your goal.

Does that sound like you?

Simon Sinek calls it “The Golden Circle.”

If you’re like most folks, you spend a reasonable amount of time focusing on “What” you want and “How” you’re going to get it.

Your “Why” tends to arrive last.

When you think that way, you’ll find yourself wandering in the direction of what you think you want. And, nobody can help you because there is no belief and passion behind what you are doing.

On the other hand, when you begin with Why, the How becomes automatic, and the What tends to define itself.

When you know your Why, you become an inspiration to yourself and everybody who crosses your path.

That’s how you influence the world.