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Minimum Viable Actions

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Motivating yourself to reach your goals is a never-ending process that kicks in several times a year. Most folks have a long list of new routines and actions they want to put into place. But, it may be too long.

Many years ago, I decided to control my mornings by establishing actions that I would take upon waking. Unfortunately, while I had great intentions, I found myself floundering and eventually losing focus.


I realized that the actions I was trying to establish had no real meaning other than checking them off my list. Instead of feeling motivated and inspired, I felt bogged down. So I decide to make things simple.

These days, I only establish minimum viable actions in my life. In other words, I only commit to the minimum number of behaviors that deliver the results I desire. Anything more is excessive, distracting, and frustrating.

Life is much simpler when you keep it simple. A wise person would spend time on the fewest number of actions that provide the most significant results.

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