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MAPPING Your Success

Have you ever heard people preach, “Get out of your comfort zone, try new things, always stretch!” While true, it’s only part of the story.Look at anybody who has achieved goals and maintained success over a period, and you’ll find:1) Motivation. Successful people do whatever they can to get and stay motivated. It’s not an occasional thing. It’s an always thing.2) Accountability. Successful people accept responsibility and ask others to hold them to their plan.3) Planning. Successful people understand that no plan survives the first battle. They plan, work their plan, and adjust their plan until they get what they want. 4) Systemization. Successful people believe success is sequential and built level-by-level. Once achieved, it is systemized and maintained. 5) Sustainability. Successful people know that everything has an expiration date. Continuous monitoring and adjustments allow for long-term success. I call this system MAPSS. It’s all you need to get anything you want in life.