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Living in Default Mode

There is a myth floating around that life is more fun when you are spontaneous. That can be true some of the time, but not all of the time.

If you want to be happier, more successful, and make life easier, it’s time to live in Default Mode. 

In other words, figure out what works and keep doing it.

Living in Default Mode makes life predictable for you and everybody around you. It limits decision-making and establishes continuity. It’s a behavior that reduces stress and improves happiness. And studies show that most people will default when a good option is readily available.

Of course, the default can be wrong, too. Bad habits should not be used in default mode. And some people claim that default mode means staying in your comfort zone and keeping you from stretching yourself. On that, I’m afraid I have to disagree.

My theory of Default Efficiency is simple: figuring out what works and doing it by default is easy, gets excellent results consistently, relieves you from decision fatigue, and allow you to stretch on your terms.

Living your life in Default Mode is the fastest way to reaching your goals – your way.

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