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Living a Curated Life

Living a Curated Life

Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to live an authentic life that looks the same from the inside and outside. In other words, can you walk your talk and have everybody understand what you are saying? 

My wife and I visited St. Augustine a few weeks ago and spent several hours in the Lightner Museum. On the surface, it was an interesting collection of stuff that didn’t seem to go together – except that it did. Like all good museums and lives, it was well curated.

Our day-to-day lives are much the same—a collection of experiences and things we understand but others may not. We may also feel fear over expressing ourselves. We may not even believe it’s possible. Then again, you’re already doing it anyway – right?

Another fear we have is what others will think about the crazy lives we’ve built – which can hold us back too. That’s why it’s time to curate your life.

When you walk into the Lightner Museum, it is a collection of collections. Each individual is unique, with nothing to do with others on display. However, when you curate all the crazy collections into one group, magic happens. It’s the same as what with your life.

Accept who you are on the inside and curate your collation of dreams and desires into a personal experience that makes sense to you – then present it to the world and watch what happens.

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