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Leveraging Life Cycles

My friend Louis Gates introduced me to his Life Cycle theory years ago. I’m in an inspiring year.

Where are you?

Cycles begin at birth and advances every nine years like this:

Year 1: You decide what you want and start asking for it. 

Year 2: As the pieces come together, you narrow your focus.

Year 3: The resources you need begin to arrive. 

Year 4: You find yourself moving toward your purpose in life.

Year 5: Re-evaluation begins. Toss out what you don’t need and keep what works.

Year 6: Your focus intensifies, and you work with the resources you’ve decided will benefit you.

Year 7: You take stock of things that no longer serve you.

Year 8: Clearing the clutter begins. It’s almost time to start the next cycle.

Year 9: You explore and decide what you want to do in the next cycle.

Look back on your life and notice how your Life Lifecycle is always in play.

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