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Leaders Look For Conflict

Leaders Look For Conflict

I admit the title, “Leaders Look For Conflict,” might a little over-the-top. But I know that you want to be a better leader. I also know that you hate and don’t want anything to do with conflict – especially since I can hear you saying —

“Why can’t we all get along?”

I get it. Saying the word “No” is hard enough. Saying “Yes” when others agree or disagree with your choice can be more difficult.

“Why can’t we all get along?”

The answer is that we can. However, the truth is that conflict will always happen whenever more than two people get together. Especially when there is a common goal, and everyone is on the same page. Conflict will always play a role in your success.


We’re on the same page, agree with each other, want the same result, and there’s still conflict?

“Why can’t we all get along?”

It’s not that. It’s just that no matter how positive your project is, everybody has a different idea of how to reach the outcome. Everybody has a different right way and wrong way.

As a leader, when you approach conflict as a simple “Y” in the road of progress, things change. It becomes a decision that is part of the process and leads to the outcome everybody desires.

Leaders, Managers, heck, Mom’s and Dad’s – anybody responsible for moving forward eventually learns to accept conflict.

Leaders don’t get emotionally fired up, yell and scream, or freak out in some other creative way. Conflict is another step in the process.

The faster you can accept conflict, the sooner you can resolve the obstacle and reach your goal. Everybody will respect and appreciate you. They will also remember you for helping all involved achieve success.

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