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Knowing Your Why AND Why Not

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Getting what you want in life will be two things…

It will be easier than you can imagine or harder than you ever thought possible.

The journey will be exciting and scary.

Looking back, you will be glad you did it, yet wonder if you will ever do it again.

That’s why WHY is so important.

You must know WHY you are doing anything to sustain your efforts.

And it must be YOUR why, not somebody else’s.

You must own your WHY, understand your WHY, and live your WHY.

Many folks are not clear on WHY, or they do it for others or other reasons.

Sometimes, you might put up with one thing, hoping you’ll get something else. I’m sure that you’ve found that’s not the way it works.

Remember, what you focus on expands. That means you’ll get more of putting up with stuff if that’s what you focus on.

It’s true. Knowing WHY you don’t want to do something is as essential as knowing WHY you want something.

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