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Keep What You Have and Get What You Want

Keep What You Have and Get What You Want

If you’re going to drive across a bridge, it’s best if there is a solid foundation on both sides. 

The same happens when you cross a metaphorical bridge to the next chapter in your life. Having a solid foundation on both sides is the goal.  

But what happens when you get stuck in your foundation before you cross? 

It’s common for folks to build such a solid foundation in their current life that it becomes difficult to move forward. If you’re happy, the bills are paid, and everything is okay – what’s the incentive to shake things up? You are stuck in your comfort zone.

Well –

Because the only way to live the life you’ve always wanted is to believe in your WHY – and take your first step as soon as you can see the other side.

Yes, it can be scary. Then again, staying where you are for the rest of your life is scary too.

Keep what you have and get what you want. That’s the goal.