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Joyful Leftovers Happiness

When I began training and competing with my dog in agility, I made a rookie dog trainer mistake. I wasn’t consistent, and my dog was getting confused. One day, my trainer said, 

“For a dog, one time means all the time. They will keep doing something new every time you let them do something new.”

As silly as it sounds, that came to mind a couple of weeks ago when my wife, a creature of routine and habit, did the same thing.

We held Thanksgiving for our family at our home, and Joi’s training kicked in instantly—

“I like everybody coming, but what about leftovers? They need leftovers?”

As a guy who has experienced Joi’s “No eating out at the restaurant until all the leftovers are gone” rule, I knew this was a big issue. But, like a good husband, I got out of the way and let her figure it out.

A day before the big day, I watched her bring two turkeys into our home and start cooking one of them — something I’d never seen before.

After cooking the bird, Joi sliced it up, divided it into individual containers, and popped it in the refrigerator. I had to ask—

“So what’s the deal with all the turkey? 

Aren’t we cooking one tomorrow?”

Her answer was as Joi-like as I could expect.

“I just want to make sure everybody has leftovers. That’s all.”

Well, I can’t argue with that, except that she was giving it all to everybody else. 

I sure hope I get my own. 🙂

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