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It’s Better NOT to Push Through the Pain

Levi is my high-energy Australian Shepard. I can count on him to always be at my side and ready to go – until I noticed something was off.

After a trip to the Vet, we figured out that intensely chewing his toys and breaking a few teeth. He’s an all-in working dog, after all. Nothing will stop him from doing his job.

It’s been a while since the surgery, and he’s doing great. I remember when I asked how long until he was up to speed again, the Doctor said –

“He’s been pushing so hard and living with a lot of pain. Now that the pain is gone, I wouldn’t doubt he pops right back feeling and acting better than ever!”

Hmm… that sure sounds like what I find in some humans.

Why work through the pain when you can just get rid of anything causing pain in your life?

It is much easier to remove the pain so you and focus on positive solutions in front of you.