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Interpret Your Calling

Is the Universe whispering and nudging you to move in a specific direction?

Before I go on, I must admit that I am certainly not an expert in the Universe or it works in our life. The magic of gravity is enough to blow my mind, and the only Secret I know is that you are the only one in charge of getting what you want in your life.

But what if you know that Universe is speaking to you? Calling you, compelling you to get off the sofa and do what you say you want to do? But you still won’t do it?

Many years ago, I was in the habit of listening to those voices whispering inside my head and following whatever I thought they said for me to do. Eventually, after many false starts, I realized the messages were not black or white. There didn’t seem to be any particular order, and they were almost always out of context with my life. In other words, mindlessly following my feelings often ended with me not getting what I wanted, and whatever I wanted to get away from became more assertive in my life.

One night at about 3 AM, a thought popped into my head—

“Maybe I’m not supposed to do what I’m hearing? Maybe I’m stuck in my thinking, and the Universe is giving me more of what I’m focused on.

You get what you focus on. That’s a basic rule of life.

It made sense to me that whatever I was focused on would linger in my brain until I questioned it from a different angle – whether I wanted to your not. That’s when I started flipping the script and created my 180 Degree Rule.

Now, when a thought pops into my head and convinces me of the direction I’m supposed to run with all my enthusiasm, I pause and ask—

“What if it really means I’m supposed to move away instead of forward?”

With that new way of thinking, everything changed. It didn’t get easier, and sometimes took time to choose a path. Still, questioning the context of the Universal wisdom as it applied to my current life and experience allowed me to avoid dead ends and frustration.

And another thing happened…

My life became more balanced and calm by going into “trust but verify” mode. Instead of chasing dreams of what might be a reality, I focused on adjusting my reality to be more like the vision I held in my heart.

When the Universe speaks to you, it doesn’t always include context and directions. Take a minute to decide if you’re supposed to move toward or away, and clarity will emerge.

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