Increase Work Productivity

What’s your ONE most important activity for today? Brian Tracy says, “Eat the BIG frog first!” Yummy!

Increase Work Productivity

I have a question for you.

What is your ONE most important activity?

What is the ONE core activity that makes everything else okay?

What is the ONE core activity that, if you don’t do, causes everything to fall apart?

In Brian Tracy’s book Eat The Big Frog First, he recognized that many people focus on anything but the most critical activity in their life. They are usually surprised when things fall apart.

Is it showing up for work on time or doing a great job at work?

Could it be your unflinching attention to your family?

Does your business have ONE activity that causes people to buy from you?

When you focus on your ONE most important activity – and do it first – everything else gets easier.

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