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Hungry Pilots, Hot Donuts, And Your Goals

Hungry Pilots, Hot Donuts, And Your Goals

Have you noticed that airplanes fly crooked? It makes you wonder how the Pilot ever gets where they want to go. Hmm… they must have a great goal! 

Here’s what happens when you set a goal or fly an airplane.

In an airplane heading to a destination, winds will do their best to blow you off course. That’s why pilots turn their aircraft into the wind. They call it Wind Correction.

The same thing happens when you set a Goal. While you may prefer a straight path, you will likely run into winds that will blow you off course.

Your spouse disagrees with your plans. Your boss demands more hours. Your kids, friends, and responsibilities keep you further away from your dreams.

I think it’s time to start thinking like a hungry pilot who sets their flight plan to a distant city with a Kristy Kreme donut store that is just about to turn in the ‘Hot Donuts’ sign.

What’s the lesson?

Keep an eye on your final destination. Always set goals that factor in winds that will blow you off your course. Make minor corrections until you get where you’re heading.

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