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How to Stay Motivated Automatically

How to Stay Motivated Automatically

Have you ever wondered why some things and not others motivate you? The Evolving Science of Motivation has your answer.

In a nutshell, motivation is complicated and layered. You have felt it many times if you didn’t already know that. But it all begins with four kinds of motivation:

1) Extrinsic motivation comes from outside of you. You do it because you are compelled to – usually by someone else.

2) Intrinsic motivation is done for internal and personal reasons. This can be called your WHY.

3) Introjected motivation is similar. The difference is that if something is not done, you feel guilty. 

4) Identified motivation is when you know something needs to be done but have not decided to do it yet.

What kind do you have?  

All of them.

All types of motivation can be in play at any time. They can also overlap. However, when you discover your Intrinsic motivation – your WHY- you will find the momentum you are seeking.

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