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How to Stay Motivated All The Time

Focus fuels your fire. That’s why that call it being FIRED UP! I like you when you’re FIRED UP!

How to Stay Motivated All The Time

I wondered why I couldn’t always have my way as a child. Mom and Dad were so mean! I couldn’t wait to grow up, move out, and experience being an adult. Everything would be different – or so I thought.

After stepping into the adult world, it didn’t take long to realize that not much had changed. It turns out it wasn’t my parents. It was a life turning down my requests. Life was getting in the way. What was even worse was that I was getting in my way.

I’ve joked over the years that if I’m the Boss of me, why don’t I do what I say? Eventually, I realized having a big ass goal, being on a mission, and most importantly, motivation on demand was the solution.

Motivation is a powerful, if not fleeting, tool we all need. But we need to understand how our minds generate motivation:

1) Your physiology dictates your feelings. Movement wakes your body up, guides your emotions, and makes anything feel possible. The easiest way to break free of a slump is to stand up, take a step, and REPEAT.

2) Focus fuels your fire. If you are unmotivated, you are drifting in the wind with no direction. Shifting your thoughts in a positive direction and toward what excites you will break you out and get you moving.

3) The words you say create the emotions you feel. Negative self-talk will drag you, and everybody else, down. Everything changes when you make the words you say to yourself, internally and externally, positive and uplifting. Words matter more than you think.

You’re human. Your brain isn’t wired to stay always motivated unless you are willing to give it a helping hand.