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How to Set Expectations and Get Results

I can’t remember a time in my life when expectations didn’t significantly impact every minute and hour of every day of my life. No matter who you are, you have a million expectations inside your mind — and don’t get me started about expectations that others have for you. 

Years ago, I developed an awareness of how expectations control our lives and settled on an engineering model to guide me along my path. The model is called the Feed-Forward/Feedback Model.

The first step in the FFFM model is to become aware of everything happening in your life. 

Next, set an expectation for any event, goal, relationship, or life situation that you have in your life.

Once set, your only job is to observe whether you are getting what you desire.

If not, and there is always an if not, notice the discrepancy and update your expectation based on real-life results. 

Continue observing your result and making adjustments until you get the expected result.

It looks like this: expectation, observation, discrepancy detection, change in expectation, expectation.

Life is not rocket science. It’s engineering.

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