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How to Overcome Bad Experiences

Do you ever get stuck on memories from the past? Bad memories? Unpleasant memories?

Focusing on the good is good for the soul. Dwelling on bad is terrible for everything.

The other day, my wife asked, “How do you completely disconnect from bad experiences? It’s as if you don’t see them.”

Trust me. I do. 

A long time ago, I made a couple of distractions that guide me:

1) If you dwell on the past, you bring those experiences into your life. They become real again. You also neutralize positive energy. You will be stuck.

2) Lessons from the past are valuable. Even bad experiences yield wisdom when not attached to negative energy and emotions. Hang on to those lessons.

3) Some bad experiences are pesky. You will have difficulty shaking them from your mind. The solution is defining actions that will put them to rest.

You become what you think. Dwelling on past negative experiences will create more of them in your future.

Instead, look for every opportunity to think good thoughts, do good things, and enjoy a good life.

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