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How To Make Your Life Longer

I want to live forever! Well, that’s what I used to say when I was a kid. As I passed a few birthdays and dealt with life’s challenges, I started thinking differently with a realization —

My life, all of our lives are spent learning and figuring things out. While it can be tiring, it’s also what pours energy and meaning into our days. As we age, our knowledge deepens, our day-to-day get less attractive, and we lose our youthful drive. But Scott doesn’t do that. I’m way too stubborn.

So what have I learned from being such a hard head dedicated to living a life experience like no other?

The first thing is to slow down. That means breaking free from all those dull and automatic behaviors that are not serving you. Moving as fast as you can through hundreds of activities won’t get you anywhere. Eventually, you’ll realize that a slow, more focused approach is more effective.

The next thing to do is study and learn as much as possible, and your perception of time will feel longer. And perception is reality. This works because as we get older, we know more, so life is easier. But, it’s the act of learning something new that creates stackable memories that make your life fill full, vibrate, and exciting.

Finally, fire up your Anticipation Engine by taking the time to create 6 to 12 event horizons per year. In other words, schedule something in the future that gets you excited and never stops. Having positive anticipation in your life is a driving factor in living a happy life.

Slow down, study, and anticipate. It turns out living a long and happy life only requires that you think and act like a child.  

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