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How to Easily Change Your Identity

Have you allowed yourself to become the person you are on the inside? 

We all make decisions that change our life trajectory without much thought. That can lead to feelings of being lost on you your life path.

Maybe it’s time to create a new way of seeing yourself.

Using a Transitional Identity is a great way to feel confident when you can’t believe in your future. 

The trick is to focus on the smaller steps to your destination. That will allow you to move away from who you are, yet not jump to who you want to be in one big step. 

“I’m running a successful small business and laying the foundation for my empire. All I have to do is keep moving.”

“I’m a great student. Very soon, I will be a great teacher to others. All I have to do is keep moving.”

“I’m incredible at losing 1 pound at a time. Soon I’ll hit my goal and weigh 100 pounds less. All I have to do is keep moving.”

Transitional Identities are temporary and ever-changing. They are helpful when destinations are hard to see before you take your first step.