How to Become a Thought Leader

How to Become a Thought Leader

Have you ever received an email that scrambled your brain, made you scratch your head, and got you thinking more than most days – about thinking.

I had been working with a client to fine-tune her leadership skills. Things were going well, others noticed, and people outside of her immediate circle were beginning to reach out. She was excited, feeling accomplished, and had an idea –

“I like this leadership thing, but I was thinking about becoming a “Thought Leader.” How do you think I can get started?”

The response was instant, honest, compassionate, and, being candid, a little snarky, “Maybe you can spend more time thinking about what you want to think lead?”

We laughed at our shared Captain Obvious moment, but the truth hit home.

The thing that turns textbook leaders into legendary leaders is their willingness to think. They think about what is essential, how they will impact others, what legacy will they leave, and most importantly –

Great leaders check in with themselves regularly to understand how they feel about every topic in their life. It’s not a point of view. It’s not an opinion. It’s who they are at their core and how they show up in the world. And it happens before they ever meet you.

Becoming a “Thought Leader” is the same process as becoming any leader – with a narrower focus. In other words, decide what you want to lead on, think about it more than anyone else, walk your walk, and share your thoughts.

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