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How To Become a Champion

We all live in a competitive world that makes getting what we want a challenge. If you’ve ever found yourself missing out because somebody else beats you to the punch, there may be a simple reason.

I’ve always been a competitive person. Once I set my mind to accomplishing a goal, I will always do whatever is required to win. Still, I’ve often tripped on my way to winning by others who wanted the same thing but had a different approach.

When I decided to enter the world of dog agility competitions, a new friend reminded me of an essential mindset.

My friends’ name is Jaxon. He’s a great competitor and is incredibly consistent in his performance. Every time my dog, Levi, and I compete against Jaxon, we know it’s going to be our game to lose.

It’s not because he’s faster, more talented, or works harder. He’s slower, a little clumsy, and prefers play over work. He never gets serious or stuffy. Win or lose; he always has a reason to celebrate – usually by taking a nap.

On the other hand, Levi has flashier moves, runs faster, and wins lots of blue ribbons before he takes his nap. He also crashes and burns more often, leaving Jaxon with the prize – but not always.

Jaxon is consistent, not fast, and doesn’t care.

Levi is fast and can be consistent if he, WE, care. That’s a little thing called discipline.

Consistency in practice and performance is required to do anything at a high level. Without discipline, you will always lose to the one who has it. However, when you require consistency of yourself and are willing to take a chance and go for the gold, that’s what makes a champion.

Both are happy dogs and enjoy the game. That makes them both winners. Levi is the champion.