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How To Be Your Own Motivator

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Have you ever had one of those days when it would be nice if somebody would pat you on the back and pump you up? The only problem is, nobody seems to be stepping up?

Relying on others for motivation is a great way to get what you want. We all need the external encouragement of our peers. However, your internal motivation is stronger. Having a quick way to cheer yourself on is even more powerful.

My friend, Terry, owns a martial arts school in Memphis, Tennessee. Martial artists are positive people, and Terry was no exception. Especially when leading a classroom filled with young Teens. But what he did at the end of a class was brilliant.

As the kids were wrapping up and cooling down, Terry had them stand at attention and hold one arm over their head. Then, he instructed them to lower the raised arm to the opposite shoulder and said,

“Never forget that you are your own best cheerleader. Pat yourself your back and say I done good!” The entire class did what he said, broke into an energetic laugher, and headed home feeling great.

A few weeks later, I found myself about to enter a meeting and feeling a bit nervous. Before walking into the room, I ducked into a hallway, raised my arm, patted myself on the back, and said,

“I’ve done good to get here. I’m going to walk through doors and get what I want.” At that point, I gave myself a hard slap on the back and walked into the meeting. It was a raving success.

In the years since I’ve made it a habit always to be my own best cheerleader. I always hold myself responsible for keeping myself motivated and feeling good. And I gave my little strategy a name—

When you need a motivational pick-me-up, slip off by yourself and say,

“It’s time for a PYOTB!” Then, pat yourself on the back and say, “I done good!” As silly as it sounds, it’s will become a secret weapon that works every time.

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