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How High is Your Ceiling

Sometimes, I scratch my head when people say something that I can’t believe is true. That has happened over the years when my wife, Joi says silly things like –

“I like to paint. It’s fun. I don’t like to do it all the time, but I like to paint.”

I guess it’s a perspective thing. 

I’m not particularly eager to paint and would prefer to pay someone to paint. Joi likes to paint and chooses not to pay something to paint. So, if it makes her happy, I let her paint, which leaves me in an awkward situation of meandering around the house feeling guilty that she is painting and I’m watching paint dry. 

I wonder if she hatched this evil plan to make me feel like a lazy husband?

It’s good she works out so she can keep climbing that ladder?

Is that paint on that expensive workout outfit?

Hmm… she does seem to be enjoying it. Oh well, happy wife, happy life – right?

I guess it’s a perspective thing. 

One day, Joi was painting my office. I walked into my world domination chamber and she was up on a ladder with a confused look on her face.

“How high do you think this ceiling is? 12 feet? 14 feet?”

No, honey. The ceiling is 10 feet high. 

“Really? It looks higher from up here. Are you sure?”

Yes. I’m sure. Everything looks different depending on where you are at the time.

It’s a perspective thing.

Joi continued painting, I started fixing lunch, and my mind settled in on two thoughts…

That experience is going to be a podcast and…

Perspective is everything in life. When you take a second to recognize that not everybody sees the world the way you see the world, everything gets better.

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