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Happiness Magic Formula

Happiness Magic Formula

Is there a magic formula for happiness?

Yes. It comes down to how you look at the world.

Most folks do one of two things:

1) They view everything from an emotional place. When life is good, everything is excellent. When things go wrong, life is terrible. Remaining stuck in the emotional zone is like writing a letter in the sand with a rising tide; it will never stick around long enough to make you happy.

2) Others view the world from a black-and-white and logical perspective. Using your analytical brain for everything is like painting a wall black and expecting a rainbow of colors. But life is not always rational.

I’ve found the best way is to naturally ride the highs and lows of emotions, tap into logic to navigate what crosses our path, and get back to the fun of emotions as soon as possible.

Emotion + Logic + Emotion = Happiness.

First and foremost, humans are emotional creatures that will not change. But logic allows us to sort through our feelings and make the best decision.