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Habits That Will Transform Your Day

Daily success is a habit. When you figure out what works and do it every day, the success you deserve is around the corner.

1) Daily Top 3: We all have tons to do. Make sure at least 3 items are Goal and Dream oriented – not to-dos.

2) Triage Your List: Because you put it on the list last week doesn’t mean it still needs to be done. Be brutal.

3) Block Your Time: What gets scheduled gets done.

4) Allow Unschedule Time: Leave space on your calendar for unexpected items. Never schedule more than 50% of your time.

5) Personal Development: Take the time to work on your body, mind, and spirit. You will make your World, and THE World, a better place.

It’s simple.

Success arrives when you determine what actions get the desired results and do them daily.

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