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Good Habit Generator

There is not a single day that I don’t end up saying to myself, “What are you doing, Dude?” The only thing that makes me feel better is there seems to be a pandemic of that kind of thing going around these days.

In my case, I usually have decided what bad habits are getting in my way and have at least a small clue as to what good habits I should be doing every day but…

I’m the BOSS OF ME! Why would I tell myself what to do and not do it? Hmm… I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Nope. Why wait?

The truth is that I’m pretty good at doing what I say I’m going to do, as long as I do a couple of things first. If I don’t, can drift more than a rudderless sailboat.

Let’s lay some solid groundwork:

1) Everything about your life is a result of an action or inaction you take. One is productive, the other is lazy, and both are life-changing.

2) Any habit performed in a ritualistic manner will give you results. Good habits make life better. Bad habits make life worse.

3) If you want to take it the hard way, focus your attention on giving up bad habits. If you want the easy way, focus on establishing good habits.

What you need is a Good Habit Generator process – something I could spend hours telling you about, or you can do this starting today:

1) Make a list of good habits you must bring into your life. Shorter is better.

2) Decide what single good habit you will do today and do it.

3) Repeat the same habit tomorrow while also choosing another from your list to begin that day.

4) Repeat the process no matter what gets in the way.

Keep things simple, and remember that some habits happen every day while others are weekly. Some only take place once a year, and others are only required occasionally. Don’t try to do everything at the same time. Sprinkle them in slowly, as needed, and commit to making them part of your life.

Ultimately, your focus should be making so many new habits that you have no time for old and destructive habits. It takes some top-of-mind awareness, but it’s worth it. Faster than you think, if you’re committed, non-productive behaviors will fade into your distant past.

If you give it a chance, life is much easier than you think.