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Gift of Making a Decision

Gift of Making a Decision

As we approach the most spiritual time of year, I find more and more of my thoughts are focused on what my future will bring. But instead of drafting a list of goals, my mind seems to settle into a different place—

What if I could give myself a gift that would instantly give me what I want?

What if I don’t have to chase my dreams and start living them instead?

What if there was nothing in my way – ever?

While that way of thinking may seem out of touch in today’s world, it’s not. It happens every day for millions of people worldwide, and it can happen for you too.

Here’s a simple truth—

Everything changes instantly and, very likely, forever when you make a decision. 

If you hate your job and decide to quit, everything changes.

Everything changes instantly if you decide you need some space for yourself, turn your phone off, and take a walk in the woods.

If you decide to say “Yes” to yourself and “No” to others more often, you experience change.

I could go on forever, but I don’t need to. If you’ve been alive for any length of time, you understand that you are only stuck until you decide not to be stuck. Once you make that decision, you are moving again. That’s life.

Is it easy? Are the limitations? Are there consequences? 

Maybe, but many of them are good! 

The point is that any directional change in your life is possible the instant you decide to recalculate the path you are walking.

So this year, why not give yourself the gift of considering the possibility that the only thing standing in your way is you? If that’s the case, why not get out of your way and just do what you say you want to do?

Yes, I know you may not know what to do?

Yes, I know you may not know how to do it?

Yes, I know you may wonder how your life will be?

All of that is true. 

But you know that you want something different?

Do you know what’s not working?

Do you know what you don’t want in your life?

That should be all the motivation you need to go for your dreams.

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