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Get Yourself to Take Action

Get Yourself to Take Action

People often ask what steps are needed to increase productivity and get more done. That’s easy. It always comes down to understanding how the action moves you forward.

Like any good story, life IS a story. All actions have a beginning, middle, and end. Anything else is stumbling along – which is easy to do if you’re not paying attention.

Here’s how you sum up actions in three steps:

The beginning is “Access Actions,” which determine the steps needed to get your project moving.

The middle is about momentum and achievement. “Advancing Actions” move you toward benchmarks and help you monitor your progress, and make iterations and adjustments.

“Achievement Actions” are those steps required to complete your project with no loose ends.

Taking action. It’s not about getting things done so you can work more. It’s about getting things done so you can play more.