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From Scarcity To Abundance

I will let it rip and admit that I have a personality trait that doesn’t always serve me. Well, maybe I have several? Still, there is a big one that I’m always working to eliminate.

I’m a thinker, and I like to ponder ideas, take my time, and know my path before I get to it.

I’m also a guy who locks in on what works and holds on like a Pit Bull with a Ribeye—holding on tends to favor iteration but gets in the way of a more significant change.

Now, it’s entirely possible that you would see those traits as good. After all, it’s the rituals of life that make life good. You’re right. Still…

Going for big stuff takes commitment and a bit of confidence, risk tolerance, and maybe a couple of glasses of wine. You might also have to release your safety blanket because it could hold you back. It all comes down to scarcity.

A few days ago, I reached out to clients and asked –

“How do you define scarcity?”

Predictably, most described it as not having enough of what they wanted. They also described abundance as having more of what they wanted. 

That’s when I twisted their minds by asking –

“Is it possible that holding on to what you have keeps you from getting more? In other words, you fear you’ll end up with less?”

Their answers were all yes.

“What if the only requirement for getting what you want is to let go of what you have now? What if your path to success opens up the minute you release?”

I didn’t need to wait for an answer. 

They instantly transformed their mindset and realized it was time to step up. It may not happen overnight, but it is going to happen.

I live in a never-ending world of fascination and expansion that drives me to do more. While I may take my time, I understand the only way to serve more is to expect more and stop hanging on to what I have.

You too?