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Formula For Taking Action

There is a simple formula that you can apply to get what you want, enjoy the process, and ensure that it will last for a lifetime.

1) Get clarity. You must clearly define what you want. When you don’t know your path, you will drift with frustration.

2) Accurate Thinking. Assume that you are not getting the correct information. Double-check and confirm. Then move forward. The more accurate your understanding of your plan, the more comfortable and quicker it will be to get there.

3) Leverage. You may think that you can do all the heavy lifting yourself, and you can see in the beginning. But why? You’ll get there faster if you find a way to leverage every action for maximum results. Don’t go it alone.

4) Systemization. Create ritualized actions that move you closer to what you want. Once there, automate those actions. Your purpose required an operating system to stay focused and on track.

Get what you want to be using CALLS to action: Clarity. Accurate Thinking. Leverage. Systemization.  

Life is about to get much more relaxed.

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