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Formula For Automatic Motivation

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Over the years, I’ve learned there is one trait responsible for holding people back. While it lives at the front of your mind and affects everything you do, it is also invisible.

You are too vague in your vision.

When most people build a successful life, they often do so with a lack of clarity or precise vision of their future. They have a vague idea. The Universe kicks in gear, an opportunity arrives, and life is good and satisfying—until it’s not.

A day will come when you desire something more. You may find yourself stuck behind an obstacle of indecision and frustration. Confused, lacking direction, fearful, and seeking the motivation that will drive you forward. It will feel as if there is a cloudy haze over your future with no clear path to success—and no motivation to go for it.

But there is no need to worry.

Another day will dawn. You will realize that a general and non-specific approach to your future is not the fuel that will power you. Being too vague doesn’t build a vision.

A time will come when you choose to be specific in your wants, needs, and desires. You will seek absolute clarity and turn your head away from anything the doesn’t provide a clear path. It may take time, but you will discover your first step. When you do, magic will happen.

On the day that you define what you want, vagueness will disappear. Your new focus will create excitement and will manifest into automatic motivation. You will move toward your new experience.

If you want something different in life, clearly and precisely express what that means to you. When you do, you will strike gold in time and will be off and running on your new adventure—automatically.

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