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Expanding Your Comfort Zone

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One of the most empowering mindsets you can own is knowing that you are never alone in this world. I received an email I wanted to share with you.

Hi, Scott –

I got something so positive from your message today. You talked about getting out of your comfort zone. I thought that all I have ever wanted was to experience a little Comfort Zone!

I realized from today’s podcast, people who have enjoyed living in their Comfort Zone have their struggles. It is hard to do scary things when you don’t have to. So you stay where you are and feel frustrated.

I have had success these last few years, but it has been challenging. I have had to take actions I didn’t want to take. Dig deep when all I wanted to do was bury my head in the sand. I wanted a happy, stable life so bad, and it kept me going.

With my bad marriage out of my life, selling my big burdensome house, and the bonus of cash in the bank from the sale, I feel a little Comfort Zone on my horizon. And honestly, I am ready.

Am I wrong?

Isn’t the Comfort Zone a completely different place when you have had to fight so hard for it?

A new Comfort Zone is not a different place when you fight for it. It’s a state where Judith Bardwick said people operate in an anxiety-neutral condition. That’s where most people live until you feel the need to change.

When that happens, you will feel the need to transition from safe and in control and to something new. First, you enter the Fear Zone. If you keep fighting, you transition to the Learning Zone. Continue to drive yourself, and you will arrive at the Growth Zone. That’s where you are now.

I’ve always visualized a Comfort Zone as the bubble I live. As grow and expand, my bubble connects with the bubble next to it. When it does, I arrive in a new safe and in control Comfort Zone. From there, I explore the possibilities of life until I begin the process all over again.


Because according to Abraham Maslow’s Theory of Human Motivation in 1943, “What a man can be, he must be.”

I guess we can say you are “musting” right now.

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