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Escaping Your Past 

My mind is constantly searching for a simple process for anything that will help me get what I want, and that usually comes down to something I talk about a lot: making a decision. 

I speak about decision-making much of my day because it’s the most dynamic tool in your personal growth tool kit. 

It should be easy —

Almost everything you will ever want to do in life has already been done. The solution to getting what you wish to should be based on logic and proven steps. In other words, figure out what works and do it. 

But, as much as we can all agree that it should be easy, using logic to get what we want doesn’t have much to do with being a human—that’s where emotions and a more psychological approach come into play. 

“Come on, let’s just do what we know works?” You say.

“No. I’m not feeling it. Let’s go with the flow and figure it out?”

Logical vs emotional thinking is an epic battle that Stephen Spielberg could tell in a blockbuster movie. Oh, wait, it always is!

Let’s take a side trip to the movies and prove my point.

The Hero has a problem in a movie, and something has to change, but they don’t know what to do. Professionally speaking, they are an emotional mess, no matter how real it may be.

Then, in a movie, their situation suddenly thrust them into taking action to solve their problem. Logic kicks in, and they get busy fixing life.

But, in a movie, life gets in the way, their actions are not working, and their emotions take over. It seems that all is lost, but never fear.

Before any good movie ends, our Hero figures out precisely what needs to be done. One. Two. Three. Victory is at hand. Somebody, please roll the credits.

What’s the lesson in the story we are writing?

Everything that you want to do has already been figured out. Your job is to set your emotions aside, go into logical mode, and take the fewest steps possible to reach your dream. They’re no need to wait. Hero’s, don’t wait.

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