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Doing Nothing Gives You More

Before I begin, I want to define what I mean by doing nothing.

I don’t see doing ‘nothing’ as something unproductive. Instead, I see ‘nothing’ as a protected personal space that lies between your thoughts and your actions. 

It is a place that provides a contemplation and planning opportunity before launching into massive and focused action design to reach your outcome and achievement of your goal.

It is a holding space where inspiration, desperation, motivation, even intimidation, bubble up into your consciousness and await your next action.

Instead of moving your thoughts immediately into action mode or never moving at all, both of which cause unnecessary drama, you purposefully quarantine your thoughts until you are assured in your success plan or decide to take a new direction.

Doing nothing looks like this:

1) All thoughts and potential actions arrive in your mind and are held for evaluation.

2) Unless based on a previous decision and cleared for instant action, you always take the time to ensure that your actions will lead you to your vision.

3) If you don’t know the absolute end-game of your journey, you are still on another path. Don’t take a step until you know where you are one your new path.

In the end, doing nothing is a place in your mind where you choose your path, direct your actions, and create your legacy. It is a place of personal respect that is built into you and will allow you to have the most significant impact on yourself and the world around you.

I don’t know about you, but I get a lot of good thinking time when I’m doing nothing. That time is priceless.

If doing something takes you off track, you might be better off doing nothing – at least for a little while.