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Disappear Yourself

Growing up, I was an energetic, enthusiastic, and excitable child. I never let a day go by without challenging something – usually with my mouth. Thanks to those responsible for turning me into a good person, I learned a valuable lesson when they said-

“Listen twice as much as you speak. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.”

You’ve heard that before, and in today’s fast-paced world, knowing when to put a zipper on your lips is critical. But I’ve also learned to take that advice to a new level to get what I want. I call it going “Dark.”

When you go “Dark,” you have chosen to listen to others less. You are still listening, caring, and interacting with those around you. You’ve decided to listen to yourself twice as much instead.

The world we live in today makes it seem as though it’s impossible to get what you want without others. There are endless hours of interacting, Googling, ZOOMing, Texting, and more. It’s like we’ve lost permission to think and do for ourselves. We can’t move forward without the social approval of those around us when the exact opposite is true.

Something extraordinary happens when you give yourself space to listen to yourself more. Your creative mind and talents flourish—your positive energy rebounds. You feel more present and find more meaning in your life. Going “Dark” makes your life brighter, and good stuff happens.

When you take the time to slip away into your own space, you develop into the person you were meant to be.

Removing yourself from the buzz of the world gives you a new kind of energy. And you do it without anybody’s permission or without anybody knowing.

When you emerge, everybody will notice that you are different. They will listen when you speak, seek your advice, and be attracted to you in a new way.

Who knew that listening twice as much as you speak works even better when you listen to yourself twice as much as you listen to others?