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Did Your Motivation Get Lost?

Where the heck did my week go? 

With a long weekend in sight, I’m a bit worn our from projects I’ve been working on, but my mind I moving to eating turkey and riding the motorcycle mode.

Monday is coming – right? We can get going again.


How will we stay focused, progress toward our goals, and get important stuff done if we run out of juice before the week is over? 

Why does that early week motivation that has our hair on fire run out before I finish everything? 

Okay, let’s cover two things. 

The first is a myth but I’ll correct it for you.

1) Motivation is a finite resource that will fade. On average, your brain runs out of motivational calories after about 48 hours of focused work – a belief that has been held for years. It’s not true. Motivation doesn’t fade, as a human, you just get tired.

2) God willing, no matter how much you don’t get done this week, there is always the next week in your future. Yes, another Monday is coming. What doesn’t get done this week will get done next week.

A long time ago, Tony Robbins said, ‘Most people overestimate what they can do in a week and underestimate what they can do in a year.’ 

Keep your eyes on the prize that is driving you. Your goal should be to reach your stated outcome, no matter what gets in the way or how long it takes.