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Diagnosing How To Help Others

Diagnosing How To Help Others

Have you ever felt the desire to help others?

Do you want to help them figure things out? Make more money? Recover from a bad experience? 

Maybe you want to make a difference in the world yourself.

I’ve always believed that our power to help others is a side benefit of being ourselves – and having a structure to follow –

1) A person in need desires an outcome. It makes no sense to offer advice until we know what they seek. That puts us on the same page.

2) Next, find out their problems, actions, and results. Then, relate them to what you have found works. 

3) Now that you’ve heard their struggle, you can make specific recommendations to move their life positively.

Helping others is a lot like being a Doctor. Listen. Examine. Prescribe. Take action. Follow up.

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