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Define. Refine. Execute

It is part of our human experience to constantly feel lost as we ramble through our day – feeling more like we are, bumbling and stumbling than moving toward our purpose in life.

Living a meaningful life is about knowing where you are heading while dodging the millions of others who are drifting. If you’re not careful, you’ll get caught up in their aimless journey.

The first and every thought in your mind should always be defined and definite—the overall life purpose and the minor purposes that lead to your overall goal.

Getting what you want in life also requires constant refinement of the goal you seek. The best tool to use for this task is the wisdom that you have acquired through years of experience. Your wisdom will allow you to cautiously and effectively move closer to your defined goal.

The final step also differentiates between those who don’t find their way and those who do—execution of your plan in the direction of your destination. Your consistent execution of the action is the way to your success.

As you walk through your day today, define, refine, and consistently execute to get what you want.