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Decision Making With Emotions

One of the most potent and respected skills you can own is the ability to make a decision. Having a clear mind is essential. This means using your emotions is not something most people would recommend. However, since you’re going to use your emotions anyway, you may as well harness the power of your heart.

If you’re like most people, your most important and fun decisions have been very emotional. Whether to get married, move to a new home, or buy a new car, emotions are always the first step in decision-making.

But, sometimes, you choose to approach your decision-making from a logical point of view. The logical side of your brain kicks, and you dig deeper. You check off all the boxes and do your due diligence—waiting for a clear answer to appear.

Whether it’s emotion or logic, both aim to find approval, go forward, or disapprove and turn away. But black and white rarely make for a good life.

In 300 B.C., Stoic Philosophy first brought to mind that decision-making follows a simple formula; emotions + logic = outcome.

That’s what happened when my wife and I first discovered the 12-acres the would become our new home and Alpaca farm.

When we first discovered the property, we were both excited and overwhelmed at the scope of our new adventure. But it didn’t take long before our logical brain stepped. It was time to double-check our intentions and confirm our emotions were on the right track. Once verified logically, overwhelm disappeared, the excitement grew, and we were off on our new adventure.

As a human, no matter how hard you try to hide your feelings, you are an emotional person. It’s the fire that drives you. Disciplining yourself to follow a formula and confirm your ‘gut feeling logically’ is how you make great decisions in every aspect of your life.