Creating Momentum

Have you ever found yourself stalled?

A few years ago, I had big plans, and nothing was moving forward. When I say nothing, other people didn’t seem to get the memo that I was on a mission.

We’ve all been in situations where nobody will return your call. Your email gets ghosted. You can’t seem to get support or commitment for your future, world-saving plans.

That’s what happened to me and caused me to decide to create my momentum. I called it my “Momentum Freight Train.”

My first use of my new mindset was to get my future wife to take our relationship more seriously. Everything was going great – but not fast enough for me. So, before our next date, I said to myself –

“I’m not going to wait for permission. I’m going to build my life, no matter what. If she doesn’t join me, I’ll ride my momentum to all the way to someone who will.”

It’s important to understand that creating your momentum is not negative thinking. On the contrary, it’s attractive energy that people notice – and she did.

I was off and running with my commitment, and it didn’t take long for Joi and others to realize they better get on board before my train left the station.

Everything good begins with YOU. There’s no need to wait for others. Create your momentum, and others won’t be able to stay away.

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