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Churchill’s Steps For Change

As we enter the New Year, I’ve noticed that people are returning to their old ways.

That’s okay. It’s a journey.

But what is that journey?

Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.” 

And it helps if you understand the stages of change:

1) Pre-Contemplation. You may intend to act but must be made aware that your behavior is the problem. 

2) Contemplation. You recognize the problem and start to debate the pros and cons of your actions.

3) Preparation. You intend to take action soon. You may even begin small steps.

4) Action. Making the specific changes required to create your new life begins.

5) Maintenance. Sustain your efforts for at least six months. You will likely achieve a life-long transformation.

6) Termination. You have zero temptation and are sure you will not return to your old unhealthy habits.

Winston Churchill said something else –

“For myself, I am an optimist — it does not seem to be much use being anything else.”